t-shirt Monologue 5:  Kira McConico - Integrity Designs

Kira McConico has been breathing life into some of the coolest concepts and logos since 2005.  Some of T-Shirt King's favorite t-shirts include her original designs.  If you believe your brand is everything and want it done with integrity, entrust Integrity with your vision!  T-Shirt King believes that collaboration is the key to small business success!

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What's your Name?

Kira McConico, Vice President, Sr. Creative Designer. My family calls me Muffy. My parents named me this at birth, my face was shaped round like a muffin!

What'sthe official name of your company?

INTEGRITY: Designs, Publications and Consulting

What's your favorite childhood t-shirt?

Hands down my "Schooly Girlz" t-shirt! I rocked it back in High School with a group of friends. This was back when the felt lettering was popular and your name was on the back! LOL ~ I went by "Special K" I wore that shirt until the letters start falling off!

What is your t-shirt style?

Today my T-shirt style is a women's fit 3/4 sleeve. I try to collect a T-shirt from my travels as a reminder of my breaks from the grind!

How do you employ t-shirts in your business?

Our business is brand development and creation. Having tees made is one of the smartest advertising collateral pieces an entrepreneur can use. You become a walking billboard for your business making your brand easily recognizable! We recommend that all businesses have promo items made.

Tell us about your business.

INTEGRITY was been a major player in the graphics industry since 2005. Our clients have come to count us to produce professional and polished designed every time. Our niche is logo creation and marketing collateral design. We also offer website design and in 2014 plan to expand our offerings to include an in-house print shop! We love what we do, building relationships with our clients and consulting with new entrepreneurs is a natural high for us at INTEGRITY!

How has T-Shirt King, Inc. helped bring your t-shirt vision to life?

Well, for starters T-Shirt King serves as a reminder to not only INTEGRITY but other entrepreneurs in the KC area, that our life work of ownership is not only achievable but attainable. Chris and LeyShon have always provided personal customer service with smiles and ethics. There are many T-Shirt companies in KC, but only one T-Shirt KING! They are they ONLY company I refer my clients. I know their marketing budget will be well spent there!

What's the next venture we can be on the look out for?

Our year end promo is a customer fav! We are offering $75 Logo design for two weeks - Dec. 2 - Dec. 14th! Lots of people have taken advantage of this special the three times it runs during the year. It's back to close out 2013 and be brand ready for 2014.

How can the people connect with you?

Call: 913.334.5515
Visit: www.integritydesigns01.com
Email: kmcconico@integritydesigns01.com
Like: On Facebook: INTEGRITY: Designs, Publications and Consulting