political shirts, yard signs, custom shirts

Kick your campaign off with a BLAST!

Your political brand and message are everything!  Make sure you are represented well!

  • Yard signs - plastic coated, weather resistant!
  • Candidate and worker support apparel (t-shirts, jackets, embroidered polos etc.)
  • Union-Made stamp on yard signs  & door knockers
  • USA-Made Apparel available upon request
  • Premium materials like silicone bracelets, ink pens, coffee mugs etc...

Put your candidate’s name on the forefront of voter’s minds. Eye-catching products gain attention and become collectible items. Bumper stickers, yard signs, buttons and t-shirts are are popular items that have long staying power, but the possibilities are endless. Premium products like silicone bracelets, coffee mugs and pens are also popular with voters.


Show your support for your country and that you stand by your campaign promises with quality American and Union-made apparel. We can even include a union-made stamp on yard signs and door knockers. Yard signs are plastic-coated and weather resistant. 



T-Shirt King promises the best value around for political campaign promotional items. We even offer free setup fees for digitizing and screen charges and free color separation.