t-shirt Monologue 9:  Stop the Violence Kansas City

What better way to stop the violence in Kansas City than to make it fashionable?  The Stop the Violence KC organization is on a mission to make people STOP and THINK!  The founder Mr. Ray has been on a mission to bring peace to the city.  He realizing, that fashion is the tip of the iceberg, but it is the fastest way to build awareness!

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t-shirt Monologue 8: Heather Woodson

Woodson Warriors is one of those customers who make you feel like you are definitely living your destiny.  Heather is a high school friend and when we found out that she was putting up the world's biggest fight against cancer we jumped at the opportunity to help!

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t-shirt Monologue 7: Melinda Emerson @SmallBizLady

If you're not following @SmallBizLady on twitter, you certainly aren't about your business.  With over 250,000 followers, Melinda Emerson is teaching businesses and organizations how to tell their story via social media.  Might I add, she looks good doing it!

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t-shirt Monologue 6:  Kristi Hutchinson - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City does GREAT things in the community and has some of the coolest t-shirts around town.  Meet Kristi Hutchinson, the Chief Marketing Officer and the woman responsible for all of the fashion-forward t-shirts and the awesome BBBS events.

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t-shirt Monologue 5:  Kira McConico - Integrity Designs

Kira McConico has been breathing life into some of the coolest concepts and logos since 2005.  Some of T-Shirt King's favorite t-shirts include her original designs.  If you believe your brand is everything and want it done with integrity, entrust Integrity with your vision!  T-Shirt King believes that collaboration is the key to small business success!

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t-shirt Monologue 4:  Shane Evans - One of Kansas City's "Best Men"

Shane Evans or "Sevans" as many effectionately know him as is definitely one of Kansas City's "Best Men".  His gift of inspiration and motivation touches all who come in contact with him.  Shane along with childhood friend Taye Diggs present to you the Chocolate Me Experience - The Chocolatementary.  Enjoy the interview with Shane and be sure to check out the details for the upcoming events in Kansas City on December 7th & 8th.

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t-shirt Monologue 3:  R.U.B.I.E.S. - Chantell Garrett

As you set out to do your Black Friday shopping.  Please be sure to grab a toy, hat or gloves to support R.U.B.I.E.S 3rd Annual Holiday Toy Drive.  Please don't stand in these crazy lines just for you and yours!  For more info on the  Unwrap A Gift Holiday Extravaganza, R.U.B.I.E.S and founder Chantell Garrett read below:


t-shirt Monologue 2:  If you don't know Joey, you better ask somebody!

If you don't know JOEY, you better ask somebody.  As cold as he is with the clippers, its almost disrespectful to refer to him as "just" a barber.  Mr. Joseph Thomas is certainly living his dreams and touching tons of lives along the way.  You don't want to miss the upcoming Black Tie Gala.  For more info visit www.knowjoeyfoundation.org/BlackTieGala.


t-shirt Monologue 1:  Our cupcake lady is cooler than yours - Cee-Cee's Sweet Creations 

Our Cupcake Lady is way cooler than yours!  You can catch Cee-Cee every where with the sweetest most creative flavors.  Check out her episode of the T-Shirt Monologue.


t-shirt Monologue:  Fight Gear is an MMA Knockout - Team Desi Arnau

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend my first MMA fight thanks to my customer Desi Arnau.  It was an awesome experience...not as gorry as you would think and I loved the fighter's intro music and entrance antics!


t-shirt Monologue:  Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby's "Hello Friend" brand is in honor of his late son Ennis Cosby.  For the past several years, community man Eric Wesson has been inviting Dr. Cosby to Kansas City to speak on numerous occassions.  Each visit seems to top the last and inspire more people.  Fortunately, T-Shirt King, Inc. has been able to help Mr. Wesson and Dr. Cosby spread their motivational messages of peace, love and success!


t-shirt Monolouge:  FEWDM

Tony Temple launched his FEWDM brand a few months ago and it is catching on like wild fire!



Laura Schmidt - Notes to Self Socks 

One of our good friends and fellow book club member Laura Schmidt is featured in today's edition of the Kansas City Star.  Great job Laura and best of luck with your business!

Special to The Star - Sue Babson 


Laura Schmidt, founder of Prairie Village’s notes to self is peddling positive thoughts from the feet up — literally. Beginning with socks.