t-shirt Monologue 9:  Stop the Violence Kansas City

What better way to stop the violence in Kansas City than to make it fashionable?  The Stop the Violence KC organization is on a mission to make people STOP and THINK!  The founder Mr. Ray has been on a mission to bring peace to the city.  He realizes, that fashion is the tip of the iceberg, but it is the fastest way to build awareness!

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What's your Name & Title?

Ray- Founder of StopTheViolenceKC

What's the official name of your organization?


What's your favorite childhood t-shirt?

I once had a Mr. T tshirt which I wore all the time. As kids everyone loved the A-Team so having a Mr. T shirt was the "in" thing to do.

What is your t-shirt style?

I prefer the regular crew neck tshirts, mix matching the color of the tshirt and the logo seems to be the new trend and it allows your tee to go with particular j's or tennis shoes.

What is your t-shirt story?

I use my t-shirts as a way to promote a message. StopTheViolenceKC is just that.... A Message. We all have either been a victim of violence or know someone that has. Seeing people wear the tshirt inspires others to live by this message.

Tell us about your organizaion.

StopTheViolenceKC was created in 2012 just simply as a way to promote a message to Kansas City. Since our inception we have had several youth/teen summits, family events and mentoring. Coming from the inner city (zip code 64130) and being raised in the 50's and 30's our organization knows first hand the effects violence/homicides/abuse etc has on the community.

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How has T-Shirt King, Inc. helped bring your t-shirt vision to life?

By being able to put our message on a tshirt and other apparel has really helped spread the message we stand for. Because not everyone has social media accounts/twitter facebook instagram. However they see the message being worn on tshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts by men, women and even kids. Whats more exciting than seeing customers wear your product and advertise your message?

How can the people connect with you

Twitter: @stopviolencekc
Facebook: StopTheViolenceKC
Email : stoptheviolencekc@hotmail.com
Telephone: 816.547.6842


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