t-shirt Monolouge:  FEWDM

Tony Temple launched his FEWDM brand a few months ago and it is catching on like wild fire!


As a Rockhurst & MU football star, Tony had to overcome many obstacles to make it as a successful athlete.  Over the years adopting the FEWDM mentality helped keep him focused.  FEWDM - "Forgive Everyone Who Doubted Me".  This simple saying was the fuel that kept this running back running over the opposition.  When speaking with Tony, he will tell you that the "F" can stand for many things and some days it depends on your mood!

What makes this brand a success?  It's simple, yep that's just it...it's simple.

  • The logo itself is straight forward and forces people to ask questions and start a conversation.
  • Social Media, FEWDM has done a phenomenal job of getting the products in the hands of the right people across the world and they are sharing their personal FEWDM stories on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Riding the momentum and delivering - FEWDM is getting some GREAT products in the hands of their customers.  The products which consist of apparel and silicone bracelets are easily availalbe on their website www.fewdm.com and are no-brainer purchases.
  • Powerful message delivered by Cool people - The FEWDM message hits home with virtually everyone and especially athletes.  Tony has been able to leverage his roots with MU and the NFL to get the product in the hands of world-class athletes.  Combine this with the reach of social media and you have a successful brand.

T-Shirt King wishes FEWDM the best of luck and I'm sure you will hear more about this great company!